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Updated: May 12, 2019

On Saturday April 20, we went on a day trip from CAV3 to CAD4 (Trail) in the beautiful Kootenay Region of BC. Weather was phenomenal although a bit choppy in places and with a healthy tailwind, we made the trip down in about 2 hours - beats driving for 10 for sure. Having taken my flight training at Selkirk College in Castlegar, BC some 18 years ago (ouch!), it was nice to finally visit the area again.

Kalamalka, Wood & Okanagan Lakes

Al, one of the Trail Airport maintenance staff members as well as a club member of the Trail Flying Club, made us feel right at home at the recently built terminal. Although we didn't make use of it, he advised us that the Trail Flying Club has a vehicle available for other club members who fly in to pay this beautiful area a visit, all that is asked is a donation towards covering the expenses. Thank You Al for all of your help!

C-GICT In Trail, BC

Kamloops Lake & City

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