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CAV3 - 100 Mile House Airport


CAV3 Rwy 26-08 in the middle of the picture.  

Welcome to 100 Mile House! As the airport is conveniently located right in town, you are within walking distance of the Tourism Information Centre as well as a number of shops, motels and restaurants, making it the ideal destination for a lunch on a local flight or to enjoy a hot shower on a stop-over on your multi-day adventure trip. More information can be found on the website of 100 Mile House.


The asphalt runway at CAV3 is 2200' long with a 2.5% slope uphill towards 08 at an elevation of 3055'.  Wind conditions permitting, it is recommended to take off downhill on Runway 26 and landing uphill on Runway 08. Severe downdrafts may be encountered when taking off to the East. Watch for bird activity from the adjacent sanctuary. Please note that there is no public fuel available at CAV3.


The local ATF frequency is 123.2, keeping in mind though that nearby CZML (108 Mile House) carries the same ATF frequency. Pacific Radio FISE in the vicinity of CYWL (Williams Lake) is 123.275 while closer to CYKA (Kamloops) it is 123.375. You may also make use of the AWOS for CZML, however, it is important to note that the winds at CAV3 will almost all of the time differ from CZML due to the valley formation that CAV3 is located in.

Safe Flying!

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