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The 100MHFC is a non-profit and non-instructing organization and is comprised of a number of energetic volunteers who contribute towards the growth of the club.  The club consist of a range of people from active commercial pilots, to retired pilots as well as members of the general public with an interest in aviation.

Membership is both fun and rewarding!  The club meets at various times throughout the year for regular meetings and social get-togethers and we also support our community through events such as the annual Kids Fly Day, where children are given the chance to experience their first flight in a small plane. 


The 100MHFC is the owner of 1971 Cessna 172  C-GICT and is available for rent to current members who have met all of the insurance and club requirements.

Yearly non-flying membership fees are $40/year whereas flying memberships are $40/year plus a minimum purchase of 5 hours for a non-refundable fee of $1100. Additional block time can be purchased in 5 hour increments at a refundable fee of $100/hour.  A one year membership is required before you may exercise the right to vote. Our membership year is renewed every year on July 27th.

Membership qualifications include a keen interest in aviation (you do not need to be a pilot) as well as showing a club-service attitude by being involved with club activities and tasks throughout the year.

Note: All membership applications are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

To join, please download and fill out the Membership Application and get in touch with one of the directors found on the Contact page. 


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